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Just wanted to say that your art is friggin superb!:D I have a question what size is your lineart?:o

Thank you so very much =D the line art size is 300 res- i draw on regular computer paper and just scan it in with that setting- then i use levels to clean it up and i reduce the opacity of the lines(to show more colorr)

Preemptive Gift Snatching of the Valentine’s Gift . Can’t hide your gifts from this chick!
Business Ninja, Mang. Watchout
Draasz(Dragonfolk)- Alan
Business Ninja- Lionne

Preemptive Gift Snatching of the Valentine’s Gift . Can’t hide your gifts from this chick!

Business Ninja, Mang. Watchout

Draasz(Dragonfolk)- Alan

Business Ninja- Lionne


Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog


Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog



Knife Blade

I’m a writer not a murderer

*I’m a cook not a murderer

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Some of you are my friends on DA and though I’m not on there besides lurking i have a request. Some of you know my brother Njaga has been battling cancer. I detailed it in his latest journal entry and I feel like some of you have seen my art through him so I ask that you PLEASE go read the journal entry.  Thanks for your time



a ritual

blackest magic

Darkest arfs

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Hello! This is what I’ve been up to this December LOL… I’ve always wanted Cut Time to be a colour comic, but I lacked confidence in how quickly I could do colour pages. After some test runs, I found out that it’s a lot more enjoyable for me than grayscale toning and it doesn’t take that much extra effort, so I decided to rehash all of my pages. I can reach more depth now and I have new mood devices at my disposal so I hope the reading experience improves. From here on out, everything will be in colour. :)

Please Vote

There is a contest going on here, well im just finding out about it. They are on a voting phase so no more entries- anyway-

There is an entrant blatantly ripping work off of the internet with barely any modification- entering it in the competitions for a possible winning of 4000 USD-… this person is in 3rd place! This is his entry…


This is the ripped image…


However 5th place holds an artist worthy of first and second place-

here is his collaborated work- PLEASE VOTE HERE (in the link below if you can thru facebook or thru talent house or twitter- i think twitter)



Here is his DA gallery


and here is the colorist’s DA Gallery (Shizuka-Shi)


Sorry, im tiredddd




Thanks so much to Noa for creating this Storenvy and getting things in order! Noa, Jay, and I are selling 11x17 in. prints of our artwork! They’re all $15.00 each (excluding shipping; price is in USD). We mainly ship to the US and Canada, however, other locations may require a steeper shipping fee. Orders ship out every Saturday, unless otherwise stated. Please check it out!!

*u* Thanks for making this post~!!! YAY!

It’s our storenvy! You can buy our prints that are usually only available at cons ^^. Please check it out!

P.S. my tarot cards when finished will be sold via this shop.

SAI2 in development



Systemax has decided to seize further enhancement update on SAI and shift towards SAI2 development.

Because SAI would abandon some of the planned features, SAI2 will be offered free for previous license owner. However SAI will still be updated/supported for bugs and issues.